Relationships founded on trust.

Authenticity and kindred spirits lay the groundwork for our legacy of high-caliber deals.

No legacy is built overnight.

For over 30 years, we’ve built relationships with people we trust in the real estate world, who call us directly when they know we’ll be interested.

Innovation is most powerful when we empower others.

Relationships are at the center of our real estate and venture capital developments. That’s why philanthropy is also a core pillar of our business.

Actions speak louder than words. See what we mean:

Our vision begins with our values.


For us, family always comes first. And when we say “family,” we don’t just mean our loved ones—we also mean our team and partnerships. We’re loyal to each other and to our cause. We treat each other with kindness, maintaining a healthy dose of laughter in our relationships.


We make every decision from a position of honesty and transparency. We strictly adhere to moral and ethical principles in each and every step of our processes.

Smart work

We understand that hard work does not guarantee success. It’s important, but critical thinking, productive time management and strategic planning are equally important in achieving our desired results.

Rising together

No one person outshines the rest of us at The RDG. We work and therefore grow as a team, and the fruits of our labors benefit everyone involved.


One of our top priorities is protecting the financial security of all those involved in our projects. We treat each player with respect, dignity and decency, ensuring fairness across the board.


In order to bring innovation to the industry, we strive to marry our experience with creativity. We approach problem solving from various angles, oftentimes bringing in different perspectives and expertise to contribute to projects.


Every member of our team has adopted an all-in mindset that often requires sacrifice. In order to advance the company, we sacrifice sitting in comfort zones.

Our team rises together.

We commit to finding the right people, for the right deal, at the right time.


Rich Day


Mark Garza

project manager

Grey Garza

vp design & construction

Josh Hart

senior accountant

Megan Hernandez

general manager

Amy Ward

Head of Investor Relations & Finance

Aaron Johnson