Our mission is to provide functional, equitable, and beautiful real estate developments in order to enhance the quality of living for our communities.



Our personal families always come first. They are our “why” for everything we do. Furthermore, The Rich Day Group team members are also family! We are loyal to each other and to our cause. We treat each other with kindness while keeping a healthy dose of laughter and joking in our relationships.

Rich Day, his wife, Holly, and three children.


Every member of our team has adopted an ‘all-in’ mindset which oftentimes requires sacrifice. We sacrifice sitting in comfort zones in order to advance the company.


Honesty and uprightness extends itself in every decision we make. We are strict in adhering to moral and ethical principles in each and every step of our processes.

Hard Work

We understand that hard work does not equal guaranteed success. Rather critical thinking, productive time management, and strategic planning paired with hard work will bring results we all aim to achieve.

Rising Together

There is no one person who outshines the rest of us at The Rich Day Group. We work as a team, therefore we grow as a team, and the fruits of our labors benefit everyone involved.


One of our highest priority is protecting the financial security of all those involved in our projects. We treat each player with respect, dignity, and decency, ensuring fairness is had across the board.


In order to bring innovation to the industry we strive to marry our industry experience with creativity. We approach problem solving from various angles, oftentimes bringing in different perspectives and expertise to contribute to the project.