The Rich Day Team

The Rich Day Group believes in rising together, as each team member commits to being “all-in.” Individually, we strive to give our best effort each day while collectively working to move the company forward.

Rich Day


Mr. Day started his career financing real estate investments, back in 1998. Throughout his profession, Rich has focused on the capital markets and project development and spent the early part of his career at a boutique investment bank, where he helped raise more than $525 Million in equity in 2006.

For the last decade Mr. Day has sponsored the acquisition, development, and/or construction of more than 4,000 apartment units, 250 townhomes, and three million square feet in industrial and office space. Currently, Rich is developing nearly 1,250 apartment units, 250 townhomes, 89 SFRs, and another 500,000 sq ft of industrial real estate.

Mr. Day sits on the board of the Tony Finau Foundation, which aims to empower and inspire youth and their families to discover, develop, and achieve the best of their gifts and talents through the game of golf, educational funding, and core family values. In early 2021, Mr. Day was appointed to the Intermountain Healthcare Philanthropy Board. His efforts are primarily focused on building relationships and establishing strategic partnerships to further ongoing medical research and initiatives. Previously, Rich served on the board of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which focuses on creating life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses, and served as Co-Chair for the World Joy Organization, working in the Atiwa District in Ghana, West Africa since 2005.

Rich holds a BA from the University of Utah and an MBA from the Gore School of Business at Westminster College. Mr. Day passed the Series 7 Exam in 2007.

Mark Garza

Development Director

Mark has over 26 years of experience and municipal relationships in the development industry. The goal is simple; get the project approved quickly, efficiently and within budget. He has worked with over 30 municipalities throughout years while nurturing positive relationships with agencies for further growth opportunities in mind. He has extensive experience in land development including all aspects of due diligence, entitlements, construction overview, and related responsibilities that he has utilized in the development of more than 12,500 residential units over the course of his career. It’s the process of developing a cost effective design which addresses the applicable zoning regulations that sets him apart and produces stellar results

Grey Garza

Project Manager

With a background in Land Development and Real Estate, Grey is part of the checks and balances process of acquiring new projects as well as advancing the existing ones. His support in the land entitlement, civil work, and acquisitions process is invaluable to our projects. Grey’s major priority as a Project Manager is to track each job to ensure it both stays on schedule and budget. In this business, roadblocks arise in every direction and that is where Grey isn’t afraid to step in and have the hard conversations to ensure progress. 

Josh Hart

VP Design & Construction

Josh brings 20 years of experience planning and executing a wide range of commercial and residential projects. Prior to joining the team, he lead national expansion programs for multiple companies within the food retail industry, successfully delivering over 70 projects. His parallel training in both architecture and construction management offers a dynamic approach to development services and corporate real estate strategies. His primary role is focused on planning, quality control and turnkey delivery of the portfolio projects.

Megan Hernandez

Senior Accountant

Megan has several years working in accounting and has most-valuable on-the-job experience with internal processes, financial task management, and helping businesses grow.  Megan is a lifelong learner and is currently working to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She crunches numbers with an exceptionally fast-pace and is a critical player in moving projects along the pipeline.

Amy Ward

General Manager

Amy has worked in operations and management for the past 5 years. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and utilizes her health program planning skills to oversee the efficiency and effectiveness in executing team projects. She manages the peripherals of the business, making sure that everything stays consistent with the Group’s mission and values. Amy is often called the ‘glue’ of the team, due to her effectiveness keeping communication streams flowing, and culture thriving.