Invest in the sought-after.

The Rich Day Group invests in high-quality real estate developments that foster strong communities.

Real Estate

Our visionary real estate developments enhance the quality of life within our communities.

Our commercial and residential developments are as broad in scope and scale as they are rich in vision. We pursue extraordinary results that transcend the “standard” to achieve comfortable luxury.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished.


Industrial square feet


Apartment units




Here’s what we have in the works.

3 million

Industrial square feet


Apartment units




Single family rentals

Venture Capital

We help great ideas flourish.

A lot of investors like to talk about how the companies they invest in are changing the world. With a focus on clean water technology, our companies actually are.


Quality of life begins with quality of intention.

We believe everyone should have the chance to live the life of their dreams. RDG is committed to empowering youth, furthering medical research and acting with a global attitude.

About Us

A legacy founded on trust, authenticity and kindred spirits.

We believe in going beyond the standard to achieve something aspirational. Whether in real estate, growth equity or philanthropy, RDG fosters relationships that last a lifetime.