We seek to lift others up.

We believe everyone deserves a chance at greatness. RDG invests in organizations who work to make that vision a reality.

We know what it means to work hard.

Our founder, Rich Day, knows how it feels to have very little and strive to achieve something incredible. We believe every child has something unique to offer the world—they only need the chance to share it.

Our values drive the work we do.

In business as in philanthropy, RDG is a values-driven organization. We believe family comes first, integrity builds strong relationships, and through hard work we can rise together.




Rising together


Hard work


We invest in kindred spirits.

The organizations in which we invest share our belief that the right opportunity for the right child can work wonders.

Giving kids a place to learn and grow.

The Tony Finau Foundation Learning Center, a lifelong dream of pro golfer Tony Finau, will give kids classrooms, recreation areas and gathering places that supplement learning already taking place in school and at home.

Utah Restorative Care Center

Instituted by the Malouf Foundation, the Utah Restorative Care Center is the first long-term residential program in Utah to serve female trafficking survivors, ages 11–18. The center will take an all encompassing approach to healing, including residential housing with a focus on transitional living, clinical and recreational therapy, vocational training and career placement, and higher educational opportunities. The center will span 20–30 acres of land within 30 miles of major cities in the Salt Lake or Utah Valley areas.