Med Water President Appointed to Intermountain Philanthropy Board

Chelsea Fairbourn Med Water Systems

Community First Approach Sets Board Involvement Apart

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – May 5, 2021—Mr. Rich Day, Owner/President of Med Water Systems, has been appointed to the Intermountain Healthcare Philanthropy Board.  This appointment falls under the Intermountain Foundation and will support their ongoing efforts to “Help people live the healthiest lives possible.”  Mr. Day will play an integral role in building relationships and partnerships that inspire generosity and support Intermountain Healthcare’s medical research and initiatives.

“Health is an important part of our purpose at Med Water Systems and Intermountain Healthcare does more for the health and benefit of Utah than any other medical group.  I’m honored and grateful that Intermountain Healthcare felt that I could assist them in bringing attention to the health needs of our local community and look forward to seeing how we can help bless and lift the people of Utah,” said Mr. Day, speaking of his appointment.

This role is viewed as an opportunity not only for Mr. Day, but for the entire team at Med Water Systems to lean into the communities in which they live and work.  As a company, community engagement is a priority, as evidenced by a mission to make healthy living and pure water accessible for all people regardless of location.

Mr. Day will step into his position on the Intermountain Healthcare Philanthropy Board immediately.  His efforts will primarily focus on building relationships and establishing strategic partnerships to further ongoing medical research and initiatives.

Med Water Systems is a water system manufacturer that provides access to pure water for rural and metropolitan medical facilities.  Headquartered in Centerville, Utah, Med Water Systems aims to deliver simplicity, service, and savings to customers around the world, ensuring that pure water doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive.    

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